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Building Management system provides a comprehensive foundation for the integration of commercial as well as residential building systems, for HVAC, lighting, and security systems.
We provides integration with Siemens PXC series DDC Controller and JAZE 8000 (Niagara Platform)

The freely programmable modular series PXC..D automation stations with its free I/O configuration and DIN compliant construction are optimized for panel assembly. It primarily controls and monitors larger items of plant. The flexible TX-I/O modul product range for signaling, measuring, metering, switching and positioning can be seamlessly connect to the automation station.
Management functions (alarm management, time schedules, trend functions, remote management, access protection etc.),Standalone application or for use in the device or system network,PXX-L11/12 for connecting RXC room controllers / LonWorks devices and Connection of the PXM.. operator unit

The JACE® 8000 is a compact, embedded IoT (Internet of Things) controller and server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems. With internet connectivity and web-serving capability, the JACE 8000 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management. It streams data and rich graphical displays to a standard web browser via an Ethernet or wireless LAN, or remotely over the internet. Niagara Enterprise Security is an application that runs within the Niagara Framework® on the JACE 8000. Niagara Analytics is a data analytics extension to the Niagara Framework available on JACE 8000 controllers.

The licensing model for the JACE 8000 controller is simplified and features standard drivers, along with optional IO and field bus expansion modules for ultimate flexibility and expandability. The JACE 8000 controller operates with Niagara 4, the latest version of the Niagara Framework, for optimum performance. In larger facilities, multi-building applications and large-scale control system integrations, Niagara 4 Supervisors can be used with JACE 8000 controllers to aggregate information, including alarms, and historical and real-time data, to create a single, unified application.

Our Services includes:-
1)Building Management system.
2)Energy metering and monitoring
3)CO based Carpark ventilation system
4) FCU/VAV integration
5)Chiller plant manager
5)pump panels for chilled water,booster and pressurization application.
6) Standalone panels for Air Handling units like FAHU,AHU and Package units.
7) Boiler and hot water panels
8) Heat exchanger/Diverter panels.